Our facility is located at the center of Ataşehir which has a peerless landscape. This hotel is the distinguished choice of guests who wants to live with nature in this charming city.

Our plant makes a difference with it’s unique design and hospitality supplies the amazing view of Istanbul and Kayışdağı Forests. All the details for you in our rooms which combine the sincere atmosphere of your home with luxury services are considered. We supplies more benefits like easy accessing to shopping and entertainment centers, it is very close to the finance center of Istanbul and Kayışdağı Forests.

Our association hosts your both long and short term accommodation, whether on business trips or on your holidays; comfort, luxury and personalized service ready to exceed your expectations.

Our facility is 15 km from Sabiha Gökçen International Airport, 45 km from Atatürk International Airport and also it is located at a 2 minute drive to Yeditepe University, 5 minute drive to Ataşehir Finance Center. Nonetheless, we supply easy transportation to the Brandium, Novada, Watergarden and Palladium shopping centers.

Our accommodation combining spacious and stylish rooms with superior Turkish hospitality understanding, is waiting for you to have a special accommodation experience with nature in the center of the city.